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For brides, finding someone to do your wedding makeup can often be a confusing and complex experience. The majority of us women are comfortable applying our own makeup, but when it comes to asking a potential stranger to do it on our behalf, it can turn into panic stations! What if I can’t articulate what I want? What if I don’t know what I want??

I’ve seen Emma Smeaton’s work as a Makeup Artist first hand, and not only does she produce beautiful results, Emma is a normal, calming presence who you’d want around on your wedding morning! Emma has kindly talked through how you can approach the wedding makeup minefield, to help you achieve the best results.


MUA Essex


How long have you been a Makeup Artist (MUA)?

I have always had a passion for makeup and enjoyed trying out different products and following the latest trends. In 2014, one of my really good friends asked me to do her makeup for her wedding day, and that was the day I decided I want to be a Makeup Artist. I loved being part of her wedding morning and it was so rewarding to see her looking and feeling amazing! Since that day I’ve never looked back; I did my research and booked myself onto a course with the London School of Makeup and was awarded my qualification in 2015. Over the last four years I’ve grown my business and I’ve had the pleasure of working with many lovely bridal parties across many Essex wedding venues!


What’s your top tip / most important advice for beautiful wedding makeup?

My best piece of advice for brides to achieve the perfect wedding makeup is to really make the most of their trial with their MUA:

Tip 1 // Show your MUA a photo of you with your day time makeup on, and then one with your evening makeup on, and use those photos to explain how much make-up you want to wear on the wedding day!

Tip 2 // Do some research… Pinterest is your best friend for wedding ideas, so definitely use it to find a couple of makeup looks that you like and share them with your MUA. This will help your MUA understand your likes and dislikes and to create the look you want.

Tip 3 // What’s your wedding style or theme? What colour are the bridesmaids’ dresses? What are your flowers like? Whatever your style or theme, your MUA can creatively incorporate this into the makeup.

Tip 4 // Make a note of your favourite products… if you have some staple products in your make-up bag that you simply can’t live without, tell your MUA! Simply sharing your favourite make-up products with your MUA, can help communicate what you’ve learnt from experimenting with make-up yourself. It’s also really important you inform your MUA of any allergies or reactions you’ve had to makeup in the past.

Tip 5 // Remember it’s YOUR trial! If you want something done in a certain way tell your MUA. Some of my clients ask to do their own mascara, which is absolutely fine. We are all particular about how we apply our makeup and having somebody else do it requires a lot of trust, so if you’d prefer to do something yourself on the day then just say. It’s perfectly normal and won’t cause any offence. What’s most important is you are happy!

And finally, speak up if you’re not sure! Make-up is so subjective, not everybody likes the same thing and it can be hard to articulate what you want so if you look in the mirror and you aren’t too happy with the end result, tell your MUA what you don’t like about it. For my trial appointments I will block out four hours in my diary to ensure I have enough time to try different looks with my client, allowing me to leave confident that we’ve achieved exactly what they want!


In your experience, what’s the most common misconception about wedding makeup?

So many of my clients are worried that their make-up will look ‘cakey’ and because it has to last all day they think they have to wear a lot – this is a huge misconception! With the right long-wearing products, applied correctly, to well moisturised and primed skin, the makeup will not budge – even during the summer! MUAs have a full kit of products, all with different formulas that can withstand the whole day and not look like a thick layer of product on the skin!


What were the trends for 2018, and what do you see will be the trends for 2019?

In 2018 a lot of my brides opted for pink eye shadow tones, voluminous lashes and a dewy glow with lots of highlighter. Towards the end of the year, in the winter months my brides were going for a bold berry lip colour or a classic red. I love it when a bride goes for something a little bit different. In December last year, one of my brides went for a Hollywood glam look, with a super sharp eyeliner flicker and real matte red lipstick. Teamed with her flowers, it was a show-stopping look!

This year, I’ve had a few requests for the barely-there makeup – inspired by Meghan Markle. Some brides are also asking for more of a smokey, sultry look with blurred eyeliner instead of a solid line. On the runway we’re also seeing more red lipstick bringing a bit of drama to the classic bridal look.


Who in the public eye would you work with and why?

Kate Middleton! I love how she wears makeup to bring out her natural beauty!

I think it’s so important that women wear makeup to enhance their best features and look the best version of themselves. It’s not about looking ‘perfect’, it’s about embracing your individuality and feeling super confident.  Kate Middleton is a perfect example of this – she doesn’t wear too much makeup, but she also doesn’t shy away from a smokey eye – a Makeup Artist’s dream!


Emma really does produce wonderful work, so if you’re still on the lookout for your Makeup Artist, whether it’s for a wedding or another occasion, you can check out her stuff on the socials here: FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM


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