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One of the trickiest elements of planning a wedding is understanding how much things cost, and how much you’re going to need, and flowers are near the top of that particular conundrum. I spoke with Kelly L’Esperance, founder of Miss Fleur Floral Design, who specialises in fresh and faux flowers for weddings, and they’re bloody marvellous. Kelly has some great advice for those of you still deciding how to navigate the wedding flower maze, so grab a cup of tea and read her advice below!



How long have you been a florist?

Officially I’ve been a qualified florist for 5 years, but I was doing floristry before this.


What’s your top tips for people considering / already having booked their florist?

For people considering which florist to use:

Like photographers, florists also have their own particular style, so when seeking a florist check through their Instagram/Facebook etc to make sure they are doing the kind of styles you want/like.

Next, and I cannot stress this enough, please be upfront with your florist and give them your budget or an amount you feel comfortable spending – it really does help and gives us good idea of what is actually achievable for that budget. There is nothing sadder than discussing flowers with a bride coming up with their dream wedding flowers full of Peonies and David Austin Roses, only to be completely out of reach for them; subsequently everything else suggested after this never matches their original dream plans which often leaves the bride deflated and disappointed. Talking about budget is crucial and you won’t look silly – don’t feel afraid to say what you’re willing/able to pay.

If you’ve already booked your florist:

Please let your florist know if there are any changes in the number of items your require i.e table centres, buttonholes, bouquets. Yes, it has happened to me before the bride had added an extra bridesmaid and forget to tell me!!

You can change your mind up to a certain point; check with your florist for the cut-off point (brides prerogative!) so if you’ve gone off that shade of pink you were planning and want to change your mind, it’s really ok. What you might like 18 months before your wedding is not always what you like a year later!



In your experience, what’s the most common misconception about wedding floristry?

I’d say the biggest misconception is that we play with flowers all day, and it’s so easy! The reality however is far different; it’s incredibly dirty work, late nights, early mornings and lots of heavy lifting. Its also very stressful waiting for flowers to open, opening too fast, too hot, too cold, have they come in the right colour etc.

One huge one is that Gypsophila (or Baby’s Breath) is cheap – it’s not, and also doesn’t smell very nice! And finally, ‘in season’ does not always mean inexpensive either – so discuss your wedding date, colour theme, budget, and any preferences with your florist for all the options.


What what were the 2018 trends, and what do you anticipate for 2019?

In 2018, the vintage/ Gypsophila was still popular, but like with all trends, this look is starting to move away.

2019 for me looks like lots of foliage and oversized natural style bouquets, plus the introduction of a bit more colour – although blush is still the favourite!

Dried flowers are also making a big comeback and look great incorporated with fresh flowers – don’t be afraid to mix this up. Finally, this year lots of weddings are also swapping out their traditional round tables and tall centrepieces, for long banquet-style tables with rows of low flowers and foliage.


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What’s your current favourite look/design?

I couldn’t possibly say definitively, as I am very fickle and everything is always my favourite (!) but at a push, red and pink ombré style is my dream, and it has to include carnations which I am obsessed with!!


Who in the public eye would you love to create for, and why?

Probably someone like Lady Gaga as you know she would want something completely way out there, which would go against anything you usually do and really push you creatively!


Kelly is the founder of Miss Fleur Floral Design and is based in Coggeshall, Essex, providing fresh and faux flowers for weddings. You can see more of her exquisite work via her website HERE and also via social media – Kelly posts a lot on social media so give her a follow on FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM / PINTEREST







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