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Wow, here it is, I can’t believe we’ve already reached the end of the year, a calendar of weddings behind me again! I love looking back over the last 12 months and seeing all the wonderful couples and the wedding days completely unique to them. There have been so many amazing moments, and I’ve loved capturing them all for my 2018 clients, whether it was weddings in Essex, Suffolk and beyond!

I started the year off in the Spring, with Jade and Keith’s chilled barn wedding at Crondon Park, and that set the tone for the year: chilled brides and grooms. Nothing fazed these 2018 couples! Whether it was hairdressers crashing and not getting to the bride, roads being shut directly outside wedding venues, champagne being spilt down the wedding dress just before leaving for the ceremony or otherwise, these brides and grooms didn’t let anything dampen their day.

Speaking of not letting days get dampened, I want to give a special shout-out to one particular couple who very generously entrusted me to photograph not one, but two of their wedding days in August this year. Wedding one was a traditional Hindu ceremony over at Bhaktivedanta Manor near Watford, and the other a white dress wedding at Marks Hall in Coggeshall, both within a couple of weeks of each other in August – which should have been the height of summer. As it happened, on both days in August it was pretty much torrential rain (!) which was pretty rotten luck. But Charlotta and Mitesh, whilst it made things a little more logistically challenging, were upbeat and really good-humoured on both days, and *that* is the mark of a good wedding. Check both weddings out HERE

Their wedding spelled the end of a very busy four days for me, zooming around Essex, up to Derbyshire and back, snapping various weddings. Safe to say, Kelly and Nathan’s military wedding up at Osmaston Park in Ashbourne was incredible in so many ways, and I never wanted it to end. Well, maybe when I was at McDonalds services at 1.00am I wanted it to end… but nothing a little caffeine couldn’t solve. Check out that wedding HERE

Of course there’s been some themes throughout the year; it’s been another very popular year for blue, whether it’s blue suits for the men (over 75% of my grooms this year wore blue), bridesmaids or otherwise. 2018 was the year of blue! Will we see a change next year? Also at the beginning of the year, first dances were dominated by Ed Sheeran. You guys love a bit of Perfect hey? But I was happy to see a more eclectic mix of music as the months progressed… my standout fave being Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’ at Marks Hall Gardens – just wonderful <gets misty-eyed>. I will never tire of Uptown Funk to fill up a dancefloor, and I demand Luthor Vandross’ ‘Never Too Much’ be played at every wedding reception! Absolute classics and they never fail to make a brilliant party. We even had the Baywatch theme tune. Speaking of which, I had so much fun in July with Cassie and Harry’s silent disco rounding off their wedding day. Seeing all their guests unknowingly singing completely out of tune, fuelled by booze in their glow-in-the-dark headphones was pretty epic.

Some weddings in 2018 I’ve had in the calendar for over two years, but also one couple booked me only two weeks before theirs! In this job you just have to roll with the punches. I’ve been on countless golf buggies this year; I’ve tried to upload lots of good stuff to social media for you guys to enjoy, and I’ve had plenty of laughs along the way. Hey, I’ve even had a couple of wobbly lips on occasions too – it does happen sometimes, hazard of the job.

2018 hasn’t been my most prolific year – it’s looking like 2019 will be – but I believe this was partly due to me sticking to my principles and only photographing couples where we were on the same wavelength. Producing fantastic, timeless photos is always my priority!

I’ve been treated exceptionally well by my clients and fellow wedding suppliers this year, so it’s with a bit of sadness I say goodbye to 2018, but I am SO excited for what’s in store for 2019! It’s promising to be a belter!

Below is a little look at how 2018 shaped up. It’s a video with sound, and it really is best experienced with the volume up, so make sure you can hear it! Enjoy!


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  1. Hey Sally,
    It’s Martin from Parksville in Canada. I’m Liz’s husband.
    What wonderful photos you took! Just think, I knew you when,,,
    Artistry of any kind is not easy, whether drawing, painting, singing, or photography.
    So glad you have found a passion that moves and rewards you and your clients. Ain’t that a wonderful thing.
    Liz has her painting, singing with band, I’ll have to send you a vid, or teaching ukulele, she has found her passion and it’s great to watch her grow and proper in herself and bank account.
    I’m into helping people overcome their fears of public speaking. I have 3 different groups of people I am working with so they can better express themselves and develop as human beings. Greatly rewarding. All the best in 2019. When are you coming to visit?

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