Here come the gents…..! (to the tune of “Here Come The Girls”, made popular again in 2007 by Boots’ TV ad and the Sugababes. Remember them? Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about?) Watch here: http://Sugababes – YouTube (needs sound!)

Too often the gentlemen become secondary to the females on a wedding day because “It’s the brides day” and all that kind of stuff. There are plenty of TV shows like I Said Yes to the Dress, I Found The Gown etc, because the bride’s dress is pivotal to the whole experience. Then there’s the veil, the shoes, the jewellery and so on. But what about the guys?

If your groom and his band of men-folk have yet to settle on their wedding attire, let me lend a hand with my whistlestop guide to grooms’ style for 2017:


First things first: Suits

Tails? Lounge suit? Tuxedo? Separates? If this sounds like a foreign language, let me help.



Tails are the traditional dress for gentlemen at weddings since the beginning of time. Formally known as a morning suit, tails are the longer length jackets that you see people like the Royal Family wear and what I made asked my husband to have at our wedding. These look very smart and distinguish your men from ‘normal’ suits (ie lounge suits) just in case you didn’t realise you were at a wedding. These are traditionally worn with a cravat or ‘normal’ neck tie which should complement the waistcoat choice. Top tip: These are best suited to taller individuals, so if your band of lads are a little vertically-challenged, stay away – tails only serve to make shorter people look even shorter. Best served up for those 5’10” in height or over.

Lounge Suits


Lounge suits are what we’d consider a ‘normal’ suit to look like. These can be dressed up or down in a variety of colours and styles. In the last few years the trend has been for slim-fit suits, with a closer-cut to the body to flatter a slim/athletic build. Cravats can be worn with these, or stick to a good quality neck tie, which can also be a slim tie as long as its the same width as the suit lapel. The downside to lounge suits are that they can look like a suit men wear for work and not their wedding, but the positives are that they are versatile, come in a huge amount of styles, and yes, they can be used again and again after the day. Can you wear your wedding dress again to your neighbours’ 70th birthday party? Thought not.



Tuxedos or a dinner jacket (DJ) are overwhelmingly seen in American weddings, and less so over here. That’s not to say don’t do it – who doesn’t love a guy in a smart black tuxedo – but these are usually reserved for evening ceremonies, hence dinner jacket. Trousers must always be black, but the jacket may be black, white, or even off white, with a black or red bow tie, and don’t always require a waistcoat. It’s customary for the gents to have black patent (that’s super shiny to you and me) dress shoes to accompany these too. Wowzers, so many rules.


Separates have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. A separate outfit means the jacket and trousers do not have to exactly match, which gives a more casual, less formal look. These can be quirkily dressed up with a bow tie, or again with a normal neck tie – but definitely no cravats. These are ideal for less formal weddings, particularly in the summer, if you are expecting the jacket to be ditched in hot weather fairly swiftly. A smart navy blazer accompanied by grey check trousers and an exciting neck tie can look very dapper indeed. If you’re going for the rustic/hipster style look, top your outfit off with a pair of snazzy braces.


Once you’ve decided your style, you’ll need to decide on a colour. Tradition says black, grey, blue and brown are appropriate choices, but hey it’s 2017 – anything goes. Top tip: If you’re even slightly concerned about your wedding outfits looking very dated when you look back at the photos in years to come, stick with sensible suit choices that age well and don’t look too ‘of a time’. Everyone remembers the peach satin puffball sleeve bridesmaid phase from the 80s – I’m just saying.

Is your head spinning already? Check out my Pinterest board for suit inspiration


Shoes wedding-shoes

Whatever colour you land on for your suits, dictates what colour shoes you should wear. Ultimately, you can wear whatever pair of kicks you desire, in fact there has been an upward trend in gents wearing trainers such as Converse with their suits for a really quirky touch. But if you’re keeping it formal, it’s best to make sure your shoes are in keeping with the rest of your outfit, since you spent so long making sure that was on point.

This article by The Idle Man gives a great overview as to what goes best with what (Wedding shoe inspo) so you don’t fall foul of style rules. Whatever you decide, make sure they are comfortable – wear them in before the big day. Because a quick walk up and down the shoe department of Debenhams is one thing, and 12 hours on your feet at your wedding is quite another. Why do you think the girls break out the flip flops so early at receptions these days…?


Hair style

Again, if you’re worried you’ll look back at your wedding day and go “what was I thinking with that hair?!”, play it safe and don’t change your style just for the occasion. Do make sure you get your hair cut near to the wedding, but don’t have it cut the day before as it may look too fresh and a little severe. Every hairdresser will advise you hair cuts look their best about a week after having been chopped. You can check out my groom’s wedding hairstyle inspiration by clicking here.


In summary

So what has been the recent overwhelmingly popular trend for grooms?

No question: blue suits. Gone are the days of a sea of traditional black or grey; blue is so popular now thanks to its versatility and comes in a variety of shades which flatter just about everyone, be it electric blue, royal blue, navy blue or indigo. Grooms loved them in 2016/17! Click here to see what I mean: Blue wedding suits

Blue suits can be accompanied by a bevvy of interesting tie colour combinations, including red, orange, yellow, green, ivory, white, or even a floral-patterned tie which can work really nicely.



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