If I had a pound for every time I’ve been told by couples “We don’t really look good in photos”, I wouldn’t be sat here writing this blog post, I’d be sipping champagne from my yacht in Monaco. As it is, no-one ever pays me that pound, and instead I reply with the same thing as always: Don’t worry, we will get good ones!

And I am being totally truthful.

Being completely frank, it’s true that some people may be more photogenic than others, but people’s confidence in front of a camera helps them in that regard. It doesn’t mean there are individuals out there who simply can’t look lovely in a photo, and if you follow my tips below, you’ll see how easy it is to do. And there’s no Photoshop or make-up trickery involved! (Phew, goodbye contouring!)

Along with being told by couples that they don’t look good in photos / don’t like being photographed, they usually also tell me (very kindly) that my photographs they’ve seen of previous clients convey a relaxed, natural look, where everyone just looks like they’re having the best time ever. And strangely enough, the photos of couples looking that way, have been couples who have had exactly the same concerns before their day.

Below I’ll talk you through 5 ways to increase the totes adorbs factor on your wedding photographs, whether it’s during the ceremony, during your group shots, your couple shots or otherwise. So grab a drink, open your mind, and follow me down the rabbit hole of gorgeousness!






#1 – Have a pre-wedding shoot

The thought of an engagement photographs, or a pre-wedding shoot as I like to call them, frequently fills couples with dread. They think of those horrendous studio shots or soft-focus photos of couples sat on hay bales, and similar. This is definitely *not* what we do on my pre-wedding shoots! These are included with all my photography packages, and I like to have around 1.5 to 2 hours with you, at a location of your choice, to basically have a bit of a chat and take a few photos. All engaged couples start off by saying they feel nervous, which is a totally natural feeling, as someone’s about to point a camera at you for a couple of hours. But in fact, we just have a bit of a chinwag and a laugh, and I only start photographing once you feel comfortable, and before you know it we’ve got some lovely shots, and you’ve got out all your nerves. This little practice run will help put you at ease before your wedding day, and when it comes to the big day, you’ll automatically feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and in turn, your photos will look relaxed and quite frankly, awesome.


Engagement photos with dog Gorgeous engagement photos



#2 – Relax, relax, relax

Having been a bride, I know this isn’t as easy as it seems. Wedding days are a whirlwind of emotions, and can be rather frenetic affairs, so it sometimes isn’t possible to be your most chilled out you’ve ever been. However, if you can, be assured in the knowledge that your day will go smoothly, full of love and laughter, and if you allow yourself to relax and not worry about the details, your photos will definitely reflect this.

By now you’ll already know that I specialise in candid, authentic photography, and on your wedding day 95% of the time you won’t know when I’m photographing you. People always look their best when they don’t know they’re being photographed, so don’t worry about what I’m doing, don’t worry about putting on a smile for the camera if you happen to see me looking your way, just carry on your chat with your aunty, or jump in that selfie with your bezzies! 9 times out of 10, the unposed, candid snaps are the most flattering, so let your proverbial hair down.


Essex wedding photographer best of 2017


#3 – Ceremony lurve

You’re at the top of the aisle with your beloved, facing one another across the altar. The officiant begins your ceremony. Your heart is pumping, and it’s all pretty flipping nerve-wracking. This is a very real scenario from many a wedding (including mine! I was mega nervous). If you’re having a civil ceremony without any readings etc, we could be talking about a ceremony lasting no longer than 15 minutes, so I’m really keen to get some beaut photographs in that short window – after all, it’s the whole point of the day!

From one nervous bride to potentially another, these two things will get you through, and will make for fantastic photos: Make sure you hold hands with your significant other at the altar (or loop through their arm), and don’t forget to make eye contact with them. Sounds funny right? Sometimes, nerves make brides and grooms not want to look at each other during the ceremony, perhaps because they’re afraid they may cry, or laugh! Either way, photos of a wedding ceremony where neither of you look at each other are pretty pants, so go ahead and lock eyes. Besides, crying is BRILLIANT for wedding photos!!




#4 – Don’t be static

The very nature of being photographed as we’ve grown up is being told to ‘Hold still!” whilst someone’s taking a photo. In my case, I don’t necessarily need you to be completely still whilst I’m photographing you. In fact, during couple shots, things are much more fun if you guys mix it up a little bit in front of the camera. For example, I may ask you to get into a little hug, but it doesn’t mean you need to turn into stone during that pose! A kiss on the lips, the forehead, the cheek, the nose, whatever you like, just mix it up whilst the shutter is going, and these spontaneous moves make for great snaps. Move your heads, your arms, look at different things…. give it a go! The same goes for confetti shots – try punching the air triumphantly or culminating with a kiss.

And Grooms – seen a hair across your bride’s face? Delicately brush it away, and swoon at the beaut photo it makes. True story. I’m weeping a little thinking about it even now.




#5 – Strangely enough – enjoy yourself

The most important tip of all! This is your wedding day, there’s no need to worry, relax and enjoy yourself! And far be it for me to suggest you need to have a boozy wedding, but if you sometimes partake in a glass of something or other, go ahead. You’ll have seen in my other ‘Top Tips’ posts that I always recommend getting your hands on some food and drink on your big day, and this is no different; have a little tipple to enjoy yourself, and feel free to bring your drinks with you for the photos! If you’re doing a group photo with your mates, let’s say your university crowd for example, tell them to bring their drinks too. It’s a celebration don’t forget! Feeling relaxed will make you feel super comfortable, and your photos will reflect this. Hey listen – I only take awesome photographs!




Beautiful wedding photos






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