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Here we are again! That time of year when I like to look back over the year at all the little things that didn’t quite make the final cut, whether it’s me gate-crashing a photo accidentally or on purpose. Over the course of a wedding between two of us we might take around 7000 images you can’t help but find yourself in the background of a few of them!

Whilst this hasn’t been my most prolific of calendar years, seeing you folks get hitched and getting to spend your happiest day ever with you has been as amazing as ever! I never take for granted how wonderful capturing the sheer joy of people can be, I mean what could be better?

So what happened in 2018 then? Well for starters I managed not to get sunburnt whilst working this year, so that’s already one point to the good; I didn’t get sunburnt but I have managed to hang on to some brilliant photographer tan lines, notably on my feet from the weddings at the height of summer. Kim and Ergys’ shindig on the very last day of June was the major contributor to my tan lines, as it was the sunniest and warmest one I did this year I think, and to be honest I never wanted to leave that day! They partied long into the night, under the stars and gorgeous fairy lights over their outdoor dance floor. That wedding I did by myself, and you can see below how I tried to load myself up with my equipment in between their outdoor woodland ceremony and then back to the barn for their reception.

Also in between my own weddings, on occasions I also second shot for my pals Kerrie and Gemma too, who you may see below, and we got some selfies too. Along the way we all got to work with some of the loveliest other wedding suppliers, and it’s always fab to have fun videographers to work alongside; a couple you’ll see below.

For my own weddings, primarily this year I was joined by Emma in the second shooting stakes, though I did have a little help from others too on a few occasions. I can always rely on Emma to keep me sane on a wedding day, but also to provide me with exceptional behind the scenes content of herself. Again, there are far too many photographs where we pretend to cut cakes or are attempting to hide behind foliage.

Oh, and we did a few Boomerangs too – I mean you point a phone at people and they instinctively know what to do! (Well, *some* people):


I started my wedding season a little later than usual, kicking off with driving round Crondon Park in one of their golf buggies which, I’ll be perfectly honest, set the bar very, very high. Huge love to Crondon Park for giving me a golf buggy to cruise round in when I asked!! We scouted couple shot locations and drove the bride and groom out to the golf course and it was honestly one of my best highlights. Also that wedding was unique thanks to the fact it was being filmed for the television programme ‘Curvy Brides Boutique’, and for half the day we were accompanied by a production/film crew who filmed the action unfolding. You can watch Jade’s episode and see my back in a mirror for half a second if you like.

Also check below when one groom turns pro photographer, as Steve decided to take the reins to get some snaps of his bride Mikaela, as I happily took a breather! He’s quite handy with the camera you know.

2018 has again been the year of menfolk not knowing how to put on their buttonholes. I even have photographic evidence this year, taken at Katie and Ross’ bash back in September, where I fixed the grooms and the other boys watched intently as to how these little flower lapel things work! I’m expert level now.

Between April and September I had lots of fun wearing my Invisalign braces, and you can see the difference in straighter teeth throughout all my selfies! It’s funny looking back on that. (Highly recommended by the way if you’re self-conscious about your gnashers!)

I’m pleased to say this year I haven’t fallen over anything, I haven’t dropped my camera or any lenses (but a couple of my flashes have fallen foul when they were knocked out of my hands), but I did nearly choke on a piece of cake at a summer wedding, thankfully Emma was on hand to slap me on the back and grab a glass of water.

The summer saw lots of sun, and lots of rain, but I’ll talk more about these types of things and more, in my review of 2018 post, due just before New Year’s Eve. So for now, enjoy some of the weird and wonderful behind the scenes photos and videos from an eclectic 2018! Scroll below and enjoy.

1.00am at the services on our way home from Derbyshire with a wedding later that day – sorry Matt

A standard pose for testing the lighting setup!

Second shooter selfie duties in Kerrie Mitchell’s car, obligatory

Curvy Brides Boutique

Jo and Al of the television programme ‘Curvy Brides Boutique’, in between takes (ooh get me and the lingo)


Fun with Arran of AK Wedding Films and James of InLine films






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