We’re nearing the end of 2017 already, and to celebrate a rollercoaster of a year, I’m sharing the best of my behind the scenes photos from wedding days across Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk! By behind the scenes, I mean mainly photographs of me and anyone else I’ve photographed with this year. You’ll see Kerrie, who I did some shooting for, Gemma who accompanied me to Layer Marney in September, but primarily (apart from me) you’ll see Emma, who most of my couples will have experienced the two of us as their dream team, and will know only too well how much enjoyment we’ve had photographing your special day. Having Emma alongside me this year has been such a pleasure for a variety of reasons, not only because it makes me panic less about not being in the right place to capture certain photos (!), but also having someone else to experience the journey has been really enjoyable. That, and photo booths are always better with two people (watch til the end of the video below). Emma has kept me on the cusp of sanity for which I’m eternally grateful! I can’t overstate how much fun I’ve had this year at each and every wedding, all of the days as unique as the bride and groom, hopefully you’ll see the fun I’ve had shine through in the images below!

I’ve got some great memories from the past 12 months, but what did you guys not get to see? Well, let me tell you:

Me dropping my biggest, heaviest lens on a hardwood floor from waist height during Sheryl and James’ Greenwoods wedding; this was a moment of sheer horror for me as I thought it would completely smash, but to my surprise the lens survived unscathed. I don’t wish to repeat this.

Happy, bouncy George the  chocolate labrador jumping up and planting two big fat muddy paws on my light pink trousers during bridal prep on a hot summer’s day in Castle Hedingham; my attempts to wipe the mud off only served to make me look like I’d wet myself. Awkward.

Emma’s birthday at Kim and Phil’s wedding at Channels Chelmsford; both Emma and I were photographing on our birthdays and for her big day, the lovely staff at Channels gave her a big wedge of cheesecake and a birthday candle!

You also missed me avoiding tan lines all summer, only to forget sun cream and burn a significant t-shirt tan at Haughley Park Barns 7 days before bridesmaiding at my best friends’ wedding – where I was due to wear a sleeveless dress. Special thanks are due to St Tropez and Rimmel Sun Shimmer for getting me through. More importantly, my friend made a sensational bride.

Below you’ll see our many practice setup shots for cutting the cake. We do this as super professional photographers, as we’re making sure our camera settings are right in advance, but you’ll see we assume a variety of unique expressions whilst doing so. You’ll also see that fact my hair goes bananas when I get caught in a bit of rain (and my hair is usually perfect so this is really irritating!); my apparent penchant for trousers in various shades of pink, which feature prominently on this post (I’m definitely going to have a wardrobe overhaul next year), but mainly you’ll see the fantastic venues and wedding days I was lucky enough to shoot at.

You can check out the best of the behind the scenes wedding action in photograph form by scrolling below, however if you have the time (and the inclination), may I suggest a better viewing experience in the shape of a slideshow with accompanying music and extra content, in video form below. Just press play, and enjoy!



In photograph form:



Layer Marney Tower



Behind The Scenes 2017



Thank you for watching, and if you enjoyed seeing the video and photos, don’t forget you can see things like this and much more, on my Instagram stories! Look me up in your Insta search bar @thesallyrawlins


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